A Word from DS Rev. Dr. Marcus Freeman – 9/7/23

I recently received some beautiful flowers while recovering from a health incident and they encouraged hope in me in a most unexpected way. It occurred to me that everything about these flowers, with their appealing beauty, their alluring aroma, their natural pollen and seed production, and more, were glowing in their created purpose; to exist…Read More »

Flow and Rhythm – A Word from DS Rev. Dr. Marcus Freeman

Earlier this month I boarded a plane in return to Austin from an orientation session for District Superintendents that was held in North Carolina. I had just settled into my window seat on the airplane and pulled out my iPad to polish a sermon that I was preparing for the coming Sunday, when a nice young…Read More »

A Word from DS Rev. Dr. Marcus Freeman 7/20/23

Greetings, Friends of the Capital District! It is with great joy that I extend a warm hello to all of you! It is a pleasure and honor to be appointed to serve in the wonderful Capital District. I would like to express my gratitude to Bishop Schnase for his trust to appoint me to represent…Read More »