A Word from DS Rev. Dr. Marcus Freeman – 9/7/23

I recently received some beautiful flowers while recovering from a health incident and they encouraged hope in me in a most unexpected way. It occurred to me that everything about these flowers, with their appealing beauty, their alluring aroma, their natural pollen and seed production, and more, were glowing in their created purpose; to exist as nature’s hope for renewal of life. They are the plant’s hope for multiplying and being fruitful. After this experience, it will be difficult to look at another flower and not see this hope.

I am still getting around the District more and learning more about pastors and churches, ministries being extended, the lives being transformed, and the self-sacrificial service being rendered by many. I can see flowers of hope in full blossom in many ways, offered by the faithful who are motivated to share the love and hope that Christ offers, which is always encouragement for the wounded and weary soul.

This idea of Christ’s hope being like a flower begins to blossom for me through commentators who suggest Songs of Songs 2:1 represents the prophetic words of Christ himself saying, “I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.” Then to build on Paul’s description in 1 Timothy 1:1, “Christ Jesus is our hope” who glows through believers whose gracious acts allow hope to flourish in the lives of others. So friends, thank you for sharing the flowers of Christ’s hope throughout the District and beyond!

Grace and peace,