Border Convocation

OVERVIEW September 2018, leaders involved in migration response and advocacy from the Rio Texas Conference – UMC and the Conferencia Anual Oriental – Iglesia Metodista de Mexico met in San Antonio to share experiences and the status of response developments and envisioned the work to be done through respective and collective bi-national work. Much has…Read More »

September 12, 2019

Recently I dropped by my office on a Saturday afternoon. My daughter Clare came with me and on the drive we were listening to some of her favorite music. She was animated and happy, singing along and dancing in her seat. As I exited towards the office on the frontage road, I slowed down in keeping with the decreased speed limit. As I continued along, Clare’s singing softened and I noticed from the rearview mirror that she was no longer dancing about in her seat. Finally we came to a red light and she fell completely silent. Her attention was fixed on the great number of persons camping along Highway 71.