A Word from DS Teresa Welborn-4/23/2021

Texas Methodist Foundation recently launched a podcast called “Reservoirs of Resilience.” If you aren’t already familiar with this podcast and listening, I commend it to you. Leaders interviewed include: Tod Bolsinger of Fuller Seminary who says, “The giant challenge isn’t the external challenges, as strong as they are, it is the internal resistance” and Dr. Colette…Read More »

A Word from DS Rev. Teresa Welborn – 3/31/21

In her book Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other LiesI’ve Loved, Duke professor Kate Bowler writes about the time she visited Lakewood Church in Houston for worship. Worshiping there one Holy Week, she recalls the smiling parking lot attendant waving and hollering over to her to say, “Happy Good Friday!” Lakewood Church is where Joel Olsteen…Read More »