God Save the King – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

For the first time in my lifetime (and I’m getting kinda old) there is a different monarch on the throne of Great Britain than Queen Elizabeth II. I watched with fascination all of the events and pageantry surrounding the Queen’s death and burial last September. And I will watch as much of the Coronation of…Read More »

Meet Mabel – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

Meet Mabel, our cat, who is just about a year old. She came to live with us exactly six months ago. We named her Mabel after Selena Gomez’s character in “Only Murders in the Building,” because she is smart, beautiful and just a little bit damaged. Our good friends who are veterinarians found Mabel for…Read More »

Jesus Wept – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

As Holy Week dawns, and Easter is fast approaching, the Common Lectionary has us looking at a couple of gospel stories in which Jesus wept. The first is in John 11 for Lent 5. As Jesus approached the tomb of his friend Lazarus in Bethany, Mary, one of Lazarus’ sisters was weeping, and the Jews…Read More »

Mindfulness – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

This year, as my spiritual discipline for Lent, I will engage, through prayer and reflection, the practice of mindfulness. In their book, “Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems,” Phyllis Cole-Dai and Ruby R. Wilson define mindfulness this way: “Mindfulness is keeping our heads and hearts where our bodies are. Moment by moment, we…Read More »

I Wanna See You Be Brave – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

Few things inspire me like music does. Lately I’ve been watching the official music video for the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. In the video, several people dance, each one by themselves in a public place like a shopping mall, gym, bus stop or sidewalk. Most of the dancers appear to be ordinary folks, not…Read More »

Arise – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

“Arise, shine; for your light has come,and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”—Isaiah 60:1 One of the first things I do each day after I wake up is reach for my phone and play the daily Wordle. My starting word, almost every time, is ARISE. I’ve thought about using a different word…Read More »

Right-Sizing – A Word from DS Andy Smith 12/15/22

When I retired, Robyn and I moved from Kerrville to Austin; from a house that is, basically, three stories with five bedrooms and four full baths, to a modest three-bedroom, two-bath home. As you can imagine, we have had to go through some major downsizing of stuff, both before and after the move. And rather…Read More »

A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

Grace to you, and peace, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I find myself humbled and honored to be following my beloved sisters Bishop Laura Merrill and Rev. Teresa Welborn as your Capital District Superintendent for the next several months. As you may or may not know, I retired on July 1 of…Read More »