Clothes Closet for the Homeless Men of Austin

I am applying forAction Support Grant
FUNDS WILL BE USED TO:Maintain/expand current ministry
Name of OrganizationClothes Closet for the Homeless Men of Austin
Address200 East 8th Street - Central Presbyterian Church
Austin, TX 78701
Map It
Contact PersonRobert Callison
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Phone(512) 345-4796
Amount requested5000
Explain connection to The United Methodists Church

The Clothes Closet is a mission of the United Methodist Men of the Capital District.
The UMM Steering Committee is the "direct supporting and supervisory" connection with the Methodist Church.

How many volunteers are involved?15
How many staff members?0
Have you explored opportunities to collaborate with other United Methodist Churches to work toward your mission?*
  • no
If yes, please describe.

Not possible with the restrictions place on all social interaction by the covid pandemic.

Congregational support

Prior to covid:
Northwest Hills UMC - 8
Wesley UMC - 2
Crestview UMC - 1
Emmanuel UMC - 1
Cedar Park - 1
Georgetown - 1
Other Denominations - 2

How does your mission fulfill the purpose of the grant you are requesting?

The Clothes Closet views it's mission as providing clothing and other life needs that bless the homeless client with a new sense of dignity, an improved self-image and HOPE for the future.

How many individuals will be served by the funds requested?1500

No 2021 "point of contact" homeless count done because of covid.
2020 results:
2238 unsheltered homeless, 713 sheltered homeless and 209 in ProLodges for a total of 3,160.
69% live with a disability, 51% are chronically homeless, 41% are a domestic violence survivor, 34% are a family with children, 11% is a household headed by someone under 25 and 9% are veterans

Funding Partner Amount
Capital District Action Grant $2,250
Grant history and reporting

Yes, on 6/1/2021 we received a grant for $1,500 and on 7/26/2021 we received $750 from the Capitol District Action Support Committee. Please see our attached balance sheet.
Northwest Hills UMC changed our pastor, our office manager, our bookkeeper and our accounting software in the last half of 2021. Richard Wilkison (Clothes Closet finance) is
has been "assured" by our bookkeeper that the entry on 12/30/2020 (money from unknown source) is the Clothes Closet money. Covid has restricted the use of this money, because of CPC closing us down and NOT accepting any rent. No access to storage has also kept us from spending any money on needed clothes for the homeless.
When we open, we will spend much of this money to quickly get ready for winter needs.

Other Sources of funds Amount
Marty Donley - member of Temple UMC $1,000
Community Partners Amount
none because of covid 0
Ministry BudgetBUDGET-CLOTHES-CLOSET-2021.xlsx
Supporting Documents2021-10-17-Financial-Report-1.docx
Comments or additional information

I have been promised by CPC that they would tell us if they are going to want us back at CPC and what the rental agreement could be. CPC will not open yet until the city gets to a stage below 3. Front Steps has a new director, Terra Harris, and we are in the discuss of how we can work with them to serve the homeless (at the ARCH and the "Southbridge hotel". The City Council, ECHO, Front Steps and many other groups are still trying to come up with a "coordinated methodology" on how to handle homelessness.
The Clothes Closet has been looking into other ways to serve the homeless, Community First being one of those. I think we all are waiting for GOD to led us where we are to go!