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FUNDS WILL BE USED TO:Maintain/expand current ministry
Name of OrganizationCovenant United Methodist Church
Address4410 Duval Rd
Austin, TX 78727
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Contact PersonPatrick St Cin
TitleChair-Live Stream Ministry
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Phone(505) 239-3026
Amount requested2500
Explain connection to The United Methodists Church

This ministry is expanding the outreach to the greater Austin community thru live streaming or broadcasting of the weekly Sunday services as well as special services such as Good Friday, held earlier this year.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced many churches to adopt video/remote services for their congregation. Covenant was one of these churches. During 2020 services were recorded and put out on YouTube for members of the congregation to remotely attend service. Recording and editing of these services fell on 1 or two persons each week thus the quality seldom presented the feeling of being in church to worship. The presentation throughout the service became stagnant and repetitive.
The adoption of Live Streaming the services has come about through a collaboration of a number of persons in the congregation. We currently use 2 cameras and a video switcher to provide a more realistic viewing experience to the congregation.
As the church continues to open up and bring back the Praise Team for a second service it will be necessary to add another camera, microphones and miscellaneous gear to provide the same or better presentation to the congregation and surrounding community.

How many volunteers are involved?8
How many staff members?1
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Congregational support

The church has stepped up to provide the first round of funding to bring the Live Streaming Ministry to life. The Finance Committee provided $2,500 for 2 cameras, tripods, cables, laptop computer and a video switcher with monitor.
The congregation has stepped up as well. We have 2 high school students as camera operators, 2 persons to provide script writing (live TV is anything but unscripted), 2 persons to fill in as the director plus our volunteer audio tech and volunteer graphics computer operator.
We are working with the Youth Director to help encourage other older youth to help as alternate camera operators. We will be reaching out to the local high school and community college for student volunteers to help fill in and relieve our current volunteers.

How does your mission fulfill the purpose of the grant you are requesting?

Thru the addition of another camera, microphones and associated equipment we are working towards enhancing the Live Streaming experience to our viewing community. In addition to this ministry the Church Council has asked the Marketing and Communications Committee to increase the community's awareness of our presence, as a community church and as an on-line church.
The additional camera provides a 3rd angle for viewing the activities on the alter by the community including the presenters at the pulpit, the pastor's sermon, musicians and choir and praise singers. The additional microphones provide, to the viewing community, the in-sanctuary congregation responses to prayers and singing of hymns as part of the auditory portion of the Live Streaming experience.

How many individuals will be served by the funds requested?140

Facebook has no method of breaking down the actual demographics of the viewing public for us. We have seen an 11% increase week over week in Live viewership. The non-live viewership has remained steady at approximately 130 viewers per week since we began live streaming on February 28, 2021.

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Covenant UMC 0
Grant history and reporting

No grants have been requested nor awarded for Live Streaming ministry at Covenant UMC. It is believed the Food Pantry ministry at Covenant UMC has been awarded grants in the past but that has nothing to do with this request.

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The attached photos show the basics of the current setup of our hardware along with a drawing of the current setup (2 Camera-Proposal). The third camera would be placed on the right side of the Sanctuary as per the attached drawing (3 Camera Angle Proposal) of the proposed additions to the Live Streaming setup. Additionally, 2 shotgun microphones would be placed at the front of the sanctuary aimed at the congregation. The viewing community will have the auditory sensation that others are with them during this time of worship by having the background sound in the live feed.