Helping Hand Crisis Ministry of Spicewood

I am applying forAction Support Grant
FUNDS WILL BE USED TO:Maintain/expand current ministry
Name of OrganizationHelping Hand Crisis Ministry of Spicewood
Address512 Pace Bend Road, North
Spicewood, Texas 78669
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Contact PersonBob Dilley
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Phone(512) 808-6092
Amount requested7500
Explain connection to The United Methodists Church

Five members of our current board are members of Bee Creek United Methodist Church. Bee Creek UMC is a major donor for the operation of the ministry.
The ministry managed a house on church property to provide temporary housing to families who would otherwise be homeless. This partnership was ended in early 2021 due to the deteriorating condition of the house.
The ministry partners with Bee Creek UMC at Christmas to provide client families with Christmas gifts through the Angel Tree program.

How many volunteers are involved?50
How many staff members?0
Have you explored opportunities to collaborate with other United Methodist Churches to work toward your mission?*
  • yes
If yes, please describe.

See above answer concerning our connection to the United Methodists Church

Congregational support

Historically, about 20 per cent of our operating funds have been provided by Bee Creek UMC.
Approximately 20 percent of our volunteers are members of the Methodists Church

How does your mission fulfill the purpose of the grant you are requesting?

See attached brochure describing our mission, purpose and what we do.

How many individuals will be served by the funds requested?600

We serve indigent individuals and families living in the greater Spicewood, Texas area.

Funding Partner Amount
Church Related Organizations $60,000
Grant history and reporting

2015 - $5,000 2016 - $5,000 2017 - $4,000 2018 - $7,500 2019 - $5,000 2020 - $7,500
Total since 2015 - $34,000
See attached brochure

Other Sources of funds Amount
Individual Donors $80,000
Community Partners Amount
Ministry Budget
Supporting DocumentsHandout-Brochure.docx