Clothes Closet for the Homeless Men of Austinwww

I am applying forAction Support Grant
FUNDS WILL BE USED TO:Maintain/expand current ministry
Name of OrganizationClothes Closet for the Homeless Men of Austinwww
Address200 East 8th Street - Central Presbyterian Church
Austin, TX 78701
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Contact PersonRobert Callison
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Phone(512) 345-4796
Amount requested3000
Explain connection to The United Methodists Church

The Clothes Closet is a mission of the United Methodist Men of the Capital District.
The UMM Steering Committee is the "direct supporting and supervisory" connection
with the Methodist Church.
Before the pandemic, March 2020, the Clothes Closet would attend meetings/events at various churches to share information about how to assist the homeless. Brochures
were provided.

How many volunteers are involved?15
How many staff members?0
Have you explored opportunities to collaborate with other United Methodist Churches to work toward your mission?*
  • yes
If yes, please describe.

Make presentations at different churches having homeless training sessions and Methodist Men meetings at various churches.

Congregational support

Northwest Hills UMC UMM - 8 volunteers
Crestview UMC UMM - 1
Wesley UMC UMM - 2
Emmanual UMC UMM - 1
Cedar Park UMC UMM - 1
Georgetown UMC UMM - 1
Other Denominations - 2

Advisory support come from the UMM Steering Committee
Monetary accounting support is handled through Northwest Hills UMC
In the coming fiscal year we would anticipate financial support of $250

How does your mission fulfill the purpose of the grant you are requesting?

The Clothes Closet works with Front Steps whose mission is based on the belief that all people deserve the dignity of a safe place to call "home". Front Steps manages the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH).

All though the Clothes Closet's method of making available and delivering clothes to the homeless men of Austin has been altered because of the restrictions imposed by the
pandemic our mission focus has not.
The Clothes Closet views it's mission as providing clothing and other life needs that bless the homeless client with a new sense of dignity, an improved self-image and HOPE for the future. Calling the client by his name, shaking his hand, making eye contact, praying with him, and telling him that "God loves him" helps a man feel blessed by God. The homeless are treated as brothers and equals. They are given a choice of clothing and not told what they are going to take. "God provides the clothes and we provide the service". For one brief moment, these homeless men are in charge of their lives, they are listened to and are served by other men. They are given the respect that each man should be shown by his brother.

How many individuals will be served by the funds requested?750

Data from the Ending Community Homeless Coalition's point-in-time-count show that 2,506 people were homeless on the night of the annual census, January 25, 2020. While
they make up roughly 8 percent of the city's population, 36.5 percent of those surveyed in January were black. Older Austinites share of the homeless population continues to grow. Austin accounts for ten percent of the homelessness in the state of Texas.
In March, the Clothes Closet's records indicate that 40 percent of it's homeless clients were NEW to Austin!

Funding Partner Amount
Capital District Action Grant $1,320 (2020)
Grant history and reporting

Our records show that we received $1,320 in Action Support in 2020.
We used these funds to purchase masks, face shields, a digital forehead thermometer,
gloves and sanitation supplies to protect our volunteer workers. Winter coats, blue jeans,
underwear, socks, backpacks, running shoes, belts and Bibles were purchased with donated money. The money allowed the Closet to meet the urgent needs of homeless men. We are celebrating the opportunity to serve God and those less fortunate.
The pandemic and the City of Austin's camping rules have impacted the results for 2020 and the first part of 2021. We wait patiently for God's direction to serve.

Other Sources of funds Amount
A Northwest Hills Memorial Donation $200 (2020)
Volunteer Donation $2,000 (2020)
Community Partners Amount
Clothing Donations N/A
Ministry BudgetBUDGET-CLOTHES-CLOSET-2021.xlsx
Supporting Documents
Comments or additional information

The pandemic has altered the way of life for all Americans. The Clothes Closet was forced to consider the well being of our more senior and vulnerable volunteers, therefore reducing our man power. Central Presbyterian Church locked down our access to our storage for a period of time. The ARCH imposed limited access to clients.
As we start to win the war against the pandemic, the Clothes Closet continues to rethink how we can support the homeless of Austin. As the city of Austin, Front Steps, CPC and the citizens of Austin (the upcoming homeless vote on May 1st) confront the homeless
mission before us all, in our own way the Clothes Closet plans to be there for those who have no voice. God's telling us to be patient and be ready.