Texas Freeze Response

Think and pray about how your congregation can respond – locally, district-wide, conference-wide and statewide. Click here for a form that churches can use to assess needs in the community. If you need more information or further guidance, contact Jim Street, Capital District Disaster Response Coordinator.

If you’d like to help financially, you may choose to give to your local church, for its own response in your local community, or you may choose to give to the broader effort across the conference. The conference has established an advance account called “Texas Freeze: Advance #2058.” Checks for the conference effort should be marked with this number and sent either to the local church for forwarding, or directly to:The Rio Texas Conference, 16400 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78248. Also, in response to FEMA opening up registrations for individual assistance in 77 Texas counties, Vicki McCuistion, Communications Coordinator for the Rio Texas Disaster Response Committee, has compiled some helpful online information for individuals and nonprofits who were impacted. This blog post has also been shared on the Rio Texas Disaster Response Facebook page, for easy FB sharing.  Following FEMA on Facebook is also helpful for timely announcements and tips. Additionally, it is important to understand that other counties may not be declared because they have not been able to demonstrate the threshold of damages to be included. Use this Texas Department of Emergency Management form to help gather that info. Advocacy with the local county/city emergency manager may also be recommended. This information and more can be found on the Rio Texas Disaster Response website. Please share as appropriate, with churches, neighborhood social media groups, personal social media pages, etc. It is truly unfortunate when folks in need miss the deadline for registering for FEMA assistance because they didn’t know it was an option. If your church needs assistance, Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF), has an emergency Micro Loan program for help in the aftermath of the storms and outages (burst pipes, leaky roofs, etc.) Find details here. Overview: Loans from $2,000 to $25,000 (without the security of a pledge of property), 6-month deferral of payments, 2% annual interest. Loan must be used for storm related issues. For questions, contact Tom Stanton.