Local Church Reports

2020 Local Church Report to the Annual Conference

(aka End-of-Year Report)

Deadline – January 22, 2021 (midnight)

It’s that time of year again!  Each Advent, the Rio Texas Conference sends information regarding End-of-Year Reports.  

The information about this report is being distributed electronically by each district – see below.  (You will no longer receive the big white envelope with blank copies of Tables I, II and III and instructions.) 

The year 2020 has been far from “normal.” Fortunately GCFA understands this. The Local Church Report  instructions have been revised for 2020. See below for those instructions. Worship attendance recording has also been a challenge. This has been addressed in the instructions for lines #7 and #7a and also in the detailed Online Worship Attendance Guide below. If your church received a PPP loan, please notice special instructions for lines #27 and #54c. 

2020 Tables I, II, III

2020 Instructions

2020 Online Attendance Guide

Data must be entered online at https://UMCData.net/RTCStats. THE WEBSITE WILL BE OPEN FOR DATA ENTRY BEGINNING JANUARY 4 through JANUARY 22, 2021.  We encourage you to get your reports entered a few days before the deadline.  There will be links on the Conference website as well as the District website.  Your username is your 6-digit GCFA church number and your password is your 4-digit Rio Texas Conference church number.  I will send a separate email with this information. Also note that you will need to log-in to UMCData to see last year’s numbers.  This is especially important when completing Table I (you will need to start 2020 with the ending # from 2019).

Pastors: please share this information with applicable church staff and/or membership and finance chairs.  When your reports have been submitted online, please print all 3 tables, pastor and finance chair sign at the bottom of Table II, and send to Nan Pyle at the Rio Texas Conference office, 16400 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX  78248-1693 or fax to 210-408-4491.

Thank you for your efforts to make the report as accurate as possible.  If you have questions or need assistance filing your church’s Local Church Report, please contact Jill Barre jill@umcad.org 512-444-1983 or Nan Pyle at npyle@riotexas.org or 210-408-4549.