I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

The other night I was watching the Grammys, but I went to bed before the show was over. I was surprised the next morning to read that Bonnie Raitt won Song of the Year, one of the biggest awards of the night, honoring the songwriter (as opposed to the producer or performer).

The Song of the Year is “Just Like That.” I hadn’t heard of it, but I’ve always liked Bonnie Raitt, so I gave it a listen. It’s an amazing song that tells the story of a woman who had tragically lost a young son and donated his organs. “And just like that your life can change, if I hadn’t looked away…”

The woman receives a visitor who has sought her out to tell her that her son’s heart saved his life. She got to hear her son’s heart beating in the man’s chest. “And just like that your life can change; look what the angels sent.”

What really moves me is the change that occurs between from the first refrain to the second. Bonnie Raitt, the storyteller, moves us from despair to hope:

Well, I spent so long in darkness
I never thought the night would end
But somehow grace has found me
And I had to let him in.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think, what you feel.