I Wanna See You Be Brave – A Word from DS Rev. Andy Smith

Few things inspire me like music does. Lately I’ve been watching the official music video for the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. In the video, several people dance, each one by themselves in a public place like a shopping mall, gym, bus stop or sidewalk. Most of the dancers appear to be ordinary folks, not professional performers, dancing without inhibition – dancing like no one is watching.

Of course, someone is watching. Each one has set up a phone or camera to record themselves, and there are bystanders nearby watching them. As the song progresses, some of the bystanders begin to interact or dance with our main dancers. I think my favorite is a guy dancing in a library who is joined by a young woman seated nearby.

I want to dance like that. It sounds crazy to hear myself say it, because I seldom dance at all. But they look like they are having so much fun being brave and dancing in public.

Of course, most inspiring are the words themselves:

Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live;
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in,
Show me how big your brave is.
Say what you want to say,
Let the words fall out honestly.
I wanna see you be brave!

I wonder what inspires you to be brave. Is it a song? a passage of Scripture? a hero from your past or present? Is it the desire to protect your family? your home? Is it love or faith?

I am challenging myself to be brave in these difficult days; to let the words fall out honestly (but also kindly). Who’s with me? Let’s dance like no one is watching. Let’s sing songs of hope and joy. Let’s love everyone like Christ loves.