A Word from DS Laura Merrill- 12.02.21

I’m not sure there’s a more multi-layered time than the cusp between November and December, especially for those of us in the church. The image of Christ as King overlaps with Thanksgiving, and I always see in my mind the image of a king in velvet robes and jeweled crown at the head of the…Read More »

A Word from DS Laura Merrill 10/28/21

As we approach our observance of All Saints’ Day, I cannot help but reflect on the memorial service held for Larry Howard at Laurel Heights UMC last Saturday. It was one of those occasions that was hard to line up and make happen in my calendar but was absolutely the right place to be. I…Read More »

A Word from DS Laura Merrill 10/15/21

October is Pastor Appreciation Month—yay! I do often wonder at this sort of observance. Some national days or months seem unnecessary, like National Donut Day, or Ice Cream Appreciation Month. Those can only have been dreamed up by the people selling donuts and ice cream, because really? We need a month or a day or…Read More »