A Word from DS Teresa Welborn – 8/14/2020

Rev. Laura Becker leading worship at UMARMY this summer.

            U.M. ARMY local mission experiences will be taking place throughout the Fall. Many of you are already familiar with U.M. ARMY and have been a part of their mission trips in the past. Now, leaders of the organization are reimagining U.M.ARMY due to Covid-19. 

            Earlier this summer, Rev. Laura Becker extended an invitation for my daughter and I to join Leander UMC’s team as they participated in the new summer program.  In the mornings and evenings, we worshiped together and engaged in small group conversations online. During the day, we served. The projects included such activities as working at the Montopolis Friendship Community Center, serving at local food pantries and writing letters to church members and nursing home residents. Several adults and youth from area churches including Covenant UMC, Cedar Park First UMC, Memorial UMC, and Leander UMC participated in these local missions. As well, during online experiences we were connected with United Methodists from as far away as Florida and New York!

Local youth serving during the summer.

            As a District Superintendent, I invite you to share the U.M. ARMY local mission experiences with others in your church. As a mother, I can share with you my daughter’s experience was transformational. She was invited to see a world beyond her own needs, she participated in meaningful mission work, and she was given the opportunity to share in a safe space how she had been feeling during this uncertain season of Covid-19.

        The Fall and Winter dates for U.M. ARMY LOCAL are:

        Labor Day Weekend September 4-7, 2020

        Columbus Day Weekend October 9-12, 2020

        Thanksgiving Weekend November 27-29, 2020

        Christmas December 27-30, 2020

        As well, U.M. ARMY HOME experiences are an option.

            Find more information at U.M. ARMY’s homepage here.

Nan Merrill’s translation of the last few verses of Psalm 46 reads, “Be still and know that I am Love. Awaken! Befriend justice and mercy; Do you not know you bear my Love? Who among you will respond?”

Stay encouraged!,